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Another install, another install order help request

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Okay, so I'm trying to run a modded EET install, and have failed to make it work three times (par for the course) so I thought I would ask for some help.

After getting a message that BG1NPC needs to be installed before EET_End, I am thinking I need to do things in this order:

1. DLCmerger 64 bit on the BG:EE folder
2. BG1NPC in the BG:EE folder
3. EET in the BG2:EE folder
4. LeUI in the BG2:EE folder
5. Ascension in the BG2:EE folder
6. Beaurin Legacy in the BG2:EE folder
7. Rogue Rebalancing in the BG2:EE folder
8. NPC Strongholds in the BG2:EE folder
9. Sword Coast Stratagems in the BG2:EE folder
10. Tweaks Anthology in the BG2:EE folder
11. A little mod that sets ammo stacks to 20 in the BG2:EE folder
12. Argent77's Lighting Pack in the BG2:EE folder

But is there anything else that actually needs to go before EET?

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Actually, never mind - I realized that because I used an EET installer (not realizing there was a WeiDU for it) it applied EET_End before my other mods. Now that I've found the WeiDU I see that goes last. My new question is will it be a problem that BG1NPC went before EET? Or should I start over and put it after Ascension?

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