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[UI] Bubb's Spell Menu (v4.5.3)

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Please Note: EEex is required to use this mod — EEex is (at the time of writing) only available on Windows platforms.


This mod seeks to replace the standard actionbar spell selection with an alternative that is more convenient for the player. The primary enhancements over the default spell selection include:

  • Displaying all available spells at once, (categorized by level). No more endlessly clicking the right-arrow to get to your 9th level spells!
  • A searchable spell list. Know which spell you want to cast? Just type the first couple of characters and press enter.
  • The ability to narrow view to only Mage or Cleric spells; useful for Mage/Clerics.



BG:EE (no SoD) :


BG:EE (with SoD) :


BG2:EE :




Options screen :



Download: Here

  1. Install EEex (forum).
  2. Download the zip file above and copy the contents into your game's base folder.
  3. Run setup-bubb_spell_menu.exe and follow the prompts to install.
  4. Make sure to run the game with InfinityLoader.exe after installing EEex.

Mod Compatibility:

Compatible with the following UI overhauls, (when installed after):

  • Dragonspear UI++, (at the time of writing, the latest version can be found in this comment by skusha; this version is required for compatiblity)
  • LeUI, LeUI-BG1EE, LeUI-SoD, and LeUI-IWDEE

UI tweaks can go anywhere in the installation order relative to this mod.

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The mod uses EEex to pull data directly from the actionbar, so yes, anything that displays via the actionbar's "cast spell" menu will be handled. All spells are displayed unless one of the filters is used, which can limit the view to either Cleric or Mage spells, or by matching a search string.

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