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Right, I rest my case - it's probably only my opinion that no new areas is better than having ones that remind existing ones closely.



Warning: the following is my opinion and my opinion only.


The IE modding enters the phase when yet another plot tweak/NPC addition is an old shoe, and I, to be honest cannot atm be made to replay ToB for love or money. Will replay SoA for love, and for love only. TUTU revitalized BG1, that has some life in it, simply being the greatest game ever made and having lots and lots of territory to 'fill'. The only other thing we have left to hope for in a non-areal bussiness, is that IWD1/2 will be opened for modding by a talented programmer who pulls a morph. So, in my opinion, it is either learn how to make maps and do BG-main independent plots or retire till Dragon Age comes out (since someone I trust explicetly told me that AE is *not* the way to go and it is in a way more obsolete than IE).

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heh, well at least people are at least talking about tilesets. :)

pretty much a tile (set) is stolen by its nature, you take someones artwork cut it up and paste it somewhere and repete and then you call it your own. there is a form of art that is accepted it is called collage. no less stealing :party:. My guess is that IF someone made something in 3d and then someone else ripped it then there might be a small problem that can be fixed

Now on to the other point yes if you do not change the tile in anyway it will show and show badly too, however by changing the color, texture, what have you it does change the entire apperence. that is what I consider a model and that is what I use in most of my bams.



just changing the colors can change much, not all but enough.

I am making an area out of d2 tiles and just adding some color and a few other things to liven up the place it will look pretty good. I am also making an area in 3d that will look much better. :party:

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