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Possible bug related to character import


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I have a problem when importing a spellcasting character from BG1 to BG2 (EE): the lvl 1 spell lists seem to get messed up. Druids gain Cause Light Wounds (and any Curse spells that were memorized at the time of importing will be changed to CLW), while Sunscorch gets deleted from the Shaman spellbook if it was picked. Expeditious Retreat was also deleted when I tried importing a Sorcerer.

Lvl 2+ spells are all present and work fine and none of this happens when creating a new character, only when importing.

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Unfortunately there's not really a way to solve this from the mod's end. Spells have to go into a special, reserved name space to work automatically with a number of engine processes. IWDification (and most mods that add spells) do this by grabbing the first available open slots in the namespace, so on different games Sunscorch may end up as SPPR112.spl or SPPR117.spl, for example.

The problem with importing saves is that the engine doesn't look at a character knowing Sunscorch, it looks at the character as knowing SPPR112.spl. If the spells have been slotted into a different order--and there are a number of ways that this could happen, like having other mods which install spells, or a mod install order change--then that sppr112 may end up being a different, unrelated spell.

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For the record, that issue being fixed? Some of the spells added in SoD are in that special reserved namespace (even though they don't need to be, as players can't learn them). So that means that BGEE with SoD has more spells in that namespace, at some levels, then either BGEE without SoD or BG2EE. Add spells in the same order to BGEE with SoD and to BG2EE, and they'll still mismatch between the games. Which leads to spells turning into other spells, or the last spell being bumped out of spellbooks entirely.

(The fix is to add dummy entries to the table responsible for tracking these spells in non-SoD BGEE and in BG2EE, so that those slots will be skipped over in any spell-adding process.)

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