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How do I Edit Inventory Item Stack Size?

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I recall back in the day, arrows, darts, throwing daggers and sling bullets stacked to 20. In BG EE, they stack to 80 for arrows and bullets, and 40 for the others.

How do I edit them to stack to 100 each? I have the EE version of Gate Keeper, but that only lets me stack to in-game max or max possible, which seems to be 64k.

I also want Goodberries to stack to 1000, if at all possible. Stacks of 10 take up too much bag space! 😃


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I’m not sure if stack sizes are in a .2da table (I doubt it?) or in the .ITM files for every version of an item. Or somewhere else. 

The quickest way to get it done is: run the Tweaks Anthology installer; skip components until it asks you about item stacking; install your preferred item stack numbers. 5-10 minutes and it’s fairly bulletproof. Trying to change it yourself could (might) be a 90-minute repetitive slog in Near Infinity. 

Or it could be three minutes editing a .2da file? Maybe? I guess it’s worth poking around the .2da tables in Near Infinity first. NI can inspect and edit files inside bif archives. 

Near Infinity is your first tool to edit things in these games. Mods are your 2nd through 300th tools. 

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Cheers, thanks for that.

There's a huge number of mods in that pack, and I said NO to those that didn't look like they had the XP Cap Remover, which I think was in Rules Changes. And it still took ages to go through it!

I picked a few others as well, of course, like Grand Mastery fixes.

So I'll get on to it ASAP!

Cheers! :D

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14 hours ago, Shadowblade said:

Yes, I could add more mods, although the plethora of mods in that Anthology doesn't really say what they do.

As you find these, let me know, because it's either a flaw in the mod itself or poor documentation--either of which need to be addressed.

As for stacking itself, the maximum stack is set in the item itself, a two-byte field at 0x38 in the item file. Near Infinity labels this as "maximum in stack" on the edit tab.

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1 hour ago, mickabouille said:

There is a massive documentation, each component tells what they do.

Yes, I meant when actually installing it. It asks if I want it to display this or that but doesn't say during installation what each set contains, and the indivdual mods don't say in much detail. EG it might say XP Cap Remover, which is pretty obvious and self-explanatory, but some are more vague, say, something like "Helmet Fixes".

But I daresay I will read the ReadMe thoroughly at some point! :)

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