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SCS Druid Forms (Greater Earth Elemental & Greater Warewolf) Damage Comparisons

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First chart is with crit immunity, second one is without.

You generally stack Greater Earth Elemental HLA for that nice damage resistance so I didn't include Fire Elemental form here. Greater Warewolf form is there because it's unique to Shapeshifter so I wanted to include that one. It's mostly for fun because you get Earth Elemental HLA as a Shapeshifter too so you generally use that one instead.

Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization is not something that a pure druid would typicaly use because other classes may have more use out of them. It's more likely you will use them on Fighter/Druid hybrid of some kind like it's shown here.

As a side note I used Moebius Toolkit 0.2 for this. Noticed that now I can hover over fields for additional information, STR tables etc. Saves a bunch of time. Great toolkit overall, good job @suy



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Hey, sorry for acknowledging this so late, but awesome looking images @Luke Telvanni!

This makes me think on possible features to make it prettier. In the title of the chart you can add some basic HTML formatting to make "rich text", but of course the space is very limited for both typing and displaying. If it makes sense, I could add support for adding text per build/calculation. This I think it would be helpful, because I often try to take notes on what the inputs mean, but I have to shove it all on the title, and it is not as nice.

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