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Additional Racial Traits for Dwarves/Gnomes aTweaks

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BG1 tutu classic

I am interested in figuring out if Additional Racial Traits for Dwarves/Gnomes from aTweaks is applying correctly.  I did turn on (and left on) Party AI.  None of my characters have AI scripts enabled though.  Is there a way to "sure fire" know that the racial traits have been applied?


Thank you

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Do you have any reason to doubt? That mod is like 15 years old and I don’t recall seeing any reports that it wasn’t working…

EDIT - I mean, I really have no idea. I always install that component, but it’s never occurred to me to double-check its function. So I’m just curious what prompted this. 

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Hey, I understand and I appreciate your response. Was just wondering really, there's nothing that leads me to believe it isn't working per se - it just struck me that I'd have no way of knowing if it wasn't and figured I'd ask.  Minor thing, no worries if no real way to tell.

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