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Themed Tweaks Mod updates to Version 0.3 with French Translation!

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Themed Tweaks Mod

by Lauriel

Themed Tweaks' main purpose is to augment the role-playing environment throughout the game series. To that end, it tweaks the story in various places.


  •     SoD - Give Imoen a special Wand of Magic Missiles for the attack in the palace
  •     SoD - Allow PC to give aid to Imoen after the attack in the palace
  •     SoD - Ditch tour-guide Corwin Schael
  •     SoD - Remove dreams about Irenicus from SoD
  •     SoD/BG2EE - Add a little snark
  •     SoD - Remove cut scenes that the PC shouldn't be privy to (finished through the first camp)
  •     SoD - Stat-based observations and options
  •     SoD - Quest: Scouting the Coast Way Crossing
  •     BG2EE - Give Imoen innate Magic Missile abilities for BG2 scene
  •     BG2EE - Use movie of Irenicus in hell as a dream to restore all Bhaalspawn powers.  This component is also offered by the Transitions mod and will be skipped if installed there.

Version 0.3 comes with a small fix and a French version by JohnBob!


- French version added, by JohnBob!
- "Add stat-based observations and options": Info about fallen paladin Dauston should be available if Corwin joins the party at first camp, too.
- Added the ending "txt" to the (not used) "themed_tweaks_v2.tp2" so PI and the automated mod packaging tool don't get confused.




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