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SHS: Almateria's Restoration Project v9 with Russian and Czech Translations!

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Spellhold Studios

Almateria's Restoration Project

The Restoration Project is a mod for Baldur's Gate aiming to restore literally all unused sounds, as well as some minor cut characters or locations. In recent iterations it evolved into the younger, brasher sidekick of Unfinished Business.

Version 9 comes with a Russian and Czech translation and some bug fixes, and support for Project Infinity.



- Added a Russian translation by Austin & ArcaneCoast.ru.
- Added Czech translation by Radim "Edvin" Klímek.
- Component "Better Item Import": Malaaq should be in the Air Elemental plane, not the library; the cambion should not drop a 2nd Sword of Chaos.
- Corrected text format for oBG2.
- Added English text to language versions were lines were missing.
- Unified setup.tra for all OS.
- Add folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z for licence info.
- Removed leftover files (DS_Store, utf8.mrk, backup folder).
- Added .ini file with metadata and globally unique LABELs to support Project Infinity.


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Mod Page and Download

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