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Lanthorn Lenses compnent causing stutter on BGT


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Hello. I've been meaning to post this bug for a while.

On a BGT megamod install the Lnnthorn lenses seems to be causing stuttering once items are placed in containers, like a bag of holding.

More details here -

The stuttering happens when starting either a new BG1 or BG2 game, but not ToB.

I'm  guessing whatever script is looking for the lenses in your inventory isn't active once you reach that far into the game?

Anyway, thought i'd finally get round to posting about in hopefully the right place.


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2 hours ago, Nathan82 said:

I'm  guessing whatever script is looking

Install the stuttering debug tool and find out which script it is by playing the game a minute, as your character will tell you(all the scripts that run things and you know which one is causing things if it repeats and or shows up everytime a pause lauches).

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Hello @Jarno Mikkola sorry for the slow reply.

I've tried the stuter debug tool and nothing is showing. The tool is working but its not showing anything relating to this bug. Or I'm doing something wrong, which is possible.

I made a fresh BG2 install. Started the game etc etc

Installed just the Lanthorn Lenses component to check if the stutter happens with just that and after consoling in a bag of holding it started.  I didn't need to put anything in it,  and it stops when you drop the bag. The item i added was BAG31.

Once I'd replicated it I installed the new version of the stutter debug tool you linked above and its not showing anything. I've wandered round the starting dungeon of BG2 a bit, script block names show at various points, such as by the lightning machine right at the start, but nothing is showing constantly.

Any other suggestions?


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Well, then it's not scripting studder, but something else. The other things are all mentioned here. Except the fact that if you play on the EE engine, you don't need to do the Generalized Biffing that it's mentioned there in. As the newer engine run so much better ... well with more than 32 MBs of RAM, the program should run so much better ... 

..as for the later reply, it matters not to me. Well, except that you get your replies later.

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Hello again.

Thanks for the link @Jarno Mikkola , i have read that several times before of the years, but not recently, forgot how much work you did on it. I've tried the various things suggested but its not making a difference.

I've had a look at the setup-oversight.tp2 file and then the \oversight\scripts\baldur.baf file. The component adds a lot of PartyHasItem checks to baldur.bcs  (200 ish in 70 ish IF statements)

So, I think, all those checks combined with the extra space of a bag of holding is whats slowing everything down.

I'm not trying to critise anyone else's hard work, I've contributed very little, just wondering if there is a different way it could be implemented?

I've had a similar issue with stuttering/lag on my most recent BGT install and looking into it i think its again caused by lots of PartyHasItem checks being added to Baldur.bcs causing a delay when items have been added to a portable container. I'll make a new post about that soon.


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