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Unfinished Business for Icewind Dale v11 Released

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Like its predecessors for Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II, Unfinished Business for Icewind Dale aims to restore content and quests that were omitted from the game as shipped. The additional content in this mod is based on what I can piece together from various game resources and from talking with former developer JE Sawyer on the Obsidian forums. Later, through my work with Beamdog, I was able to secure some of the original quest design notes and further refine the restorations. Version 10 features a new component for the Vale of Shadows--credit for spotting and restoring this goes to @Graion Dilach.

v10 Changelog

  • Added the Actual Shadows in Vale of Shadows [Graion Dilach]; credit for spotting and restoring this goes to Graion Dilach, Cheers!
  • Updated a lot of code behind the scenes; name updating the translation scheme to be a little more modern as well as making the mod more portable

v11 Changelog

  • Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation. Thanks Felipe!
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