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Question for all you players with big modded installs

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I am working on something new, and it makes changes to the way various kits get and spend proficiencies. For example, Archers' basic +1 bonus to ranged thac0 and damage is converted into a combat skill that anyone can learn by spending proficiency points. But Archers will get a natural bonus to the skill and can spend more pips in it than other kits. There are a few other examples of this - Swashbucklers' AC bonus is converted into a 'Dodge' skill, and Assassins' backstab bonus is converted into a backstabbing skill.

The question I'm facing right now is: what constitutes an 'Archer?' Which kits will get the Archer bonus? And ditto for Swashbucklers, Assassins, Bounty Hunters, Barbarians, and Berserkers. Here's what I've got so far:

D5MARKS         - Might & Guile Marksman
D5SLING         - Might & Guile Halfling Slinger
D5SNIPE         - Might & Guile Sniper
D5EARCH         - Might & Guile Elven Archer
NMRNBSLN        - Divine Remix Bowslinger
A!SHARPSHOOTER  - Song & Silence Sharpshooter

D5CORSA         - Might & Guile Corsair

D5RBARB         - Might & Guile Barbarian Ranger
D5_BARB_SHAMAN  - Faiths & Powers Barbarian/Shaman


    Bounty Hunters:


So, my question to you is, do you know of any other kits that fit the molds of those six kits, and if so can you find their kit names in the KIT.IDS file in your override folder and post them here? Like, isn't there a mod out there that makes versions of the Archer kit in different classes? My memory is vague, but if that is the case, I would like to know those kits' IDS names.


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The artisan's kitpack has some

- the arcane archer (does it qualify?) in tow variants (fighter and fighter/mage kit) (c0aa and c0aa2)

- there's  an archer class there though I don't know if it changes or if it replaces.

- the rogue archer (thief) -> this one I'm not sure anymore, there seem to be a confusion in the code with adventurer ?


There a SpiritHunter shaman kit for bows there https://github.com/thisisulb/SpiritHunterShamanKit never played with it though  (UB_SH ?)

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Good stuff, thanks!

Doesn't some mod make a "Battlerager" kit?

(In case clarification is needed: for kits similar to the Archer, I am looking for anything that gets ranged thac0/damage bonuses every few levels. For kits similar to the Swashbuckler, anything that gets multiple level-based AC bonuses. For kits similar to the Assassin, anything that gets bonuses to backstab multiplier. For kits similar to Berserkers, anything that can use Berserker Rage.)

EDIT - also really interesting that Camdawg switched the SP collection over to using ADD_KIT_EX!

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  • Archer (revised) -> The Artisan's Kitpack
  • Arcane Archer (Fighter kit) -> The Artisan's Kitpack
  • Rogue Archer (rogue kit) -> The Artisan's Kitpack
  • Marksman (fighter kit) -> Improved Archer kit
  • Bow knight (paladin kit) -> Improved Archer kit
  • Sharpshooter (thief kit) -> Improved Archer kit
  • Archer (fighter kit) -> Enhanced Classes and Kits
  • Archer (paladin kit) -> Enhanced Classes and Kits
  • Archer (thief kit) -> Enhanced Classes and Kits


  • Assassin (revised) -> The Artisan's Kitpack
  • Assassin (monk kit) -> Enhanced Classes and Kits

Sorry for repeating some of them.

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I have these 2:

D2WARHOUND        - Warhound (fighter kit)

D2KENSAIZERKER    - Kensaizerker (fighter kit)

Kensaizerker is from this mod, D2 Misc Kits.
Warhound is part of a kitpack I'm still working on (though this kit's already finished).

I did use different filenames for things, if that matters:
d2mk1s1.SPL - Enrage
d2wk2e2.SPL - +1 to ranged hit/damage


With Artisan's Kitpack, should note that the Arcane Archer doesn't get extra missile damage. It gains magic damage instead. So if it gets a bonus with your proficiencies, it should probably be only to attack rolls.

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A dog that's an archer? That's new. EDIT - oh, or is that just a descriptive name? Not an actual hound like Grey the Dog. :laugh:

By the way that makes 16 mod-added kits that replicate Archer bonuses. For some reason modders looove to make alternate Archer kits. It's a bit weird. Like, how come nobody is make a Beastmaster in the thief class or a Kensai cleric? It's just Archers all over the place.  

5 hours ago, Dan_P said:

With Artisan's Kitpack, should note that the Arcane Archer doesn't get extra missile damage. It gains magic damage instead. So if it gets a bonus with your proficiencies, it should probably be only to attack rolls.

Eh, as usual AionZ's kits have very particular bonuses that don't play well with broad system changes in the game. It's difference in fundamental design sensibilities: his mods are geared toward spiffing up the vanilla kits, but very much with the idea that you will be using the (spiffed-up) vanilla kits. I tend to add spiffy features to new kits, leaving the vanilla ones alone, and/or add spiffy features accessible to all via broad game mechanics.

So his Arcane Archer kit here will, I guess, be able to spend prof pips to gain regular ranged damage in addition to whatever inherent magical bonuses he has seen fit to give his mod. I can't make special bonuses to fit every other modders' mods. Only decide whether and how they participate in this system.

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