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Release v4.19rc1

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I just pushed a public release in the GitHub repo, git-tagged 4.19rc1. Dropped the beta, as at this point I do not think it makes any sense to keep it. Tagged it rc (release candidate) for now; will iterate if needed, and then do a full release. The latter needs:

1. Prepare the windows and linux packages. This boils down to running a couple of G3 scripts; I have not had the time to look at them but I expect no problems here.
2. Fix the docs, both the online and the ones that ship with the mod. This is iffier as their generation is only semi-automated.

As far as translations, only the French one is up to date, minus a couple of minor commits that were since made, courtesy of a patch by mickabouile.

Any other fixes to get in? Furthermore, what is the general consensus about the install order -- (would like to put this, along with general install instructions, in the top readme). Since it replaces and adds spells, "very early" in the install order is the general recommendation. Anything more concrete?

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Nice job! Long-time coming, :).

Install order: For SRR, I recommend before Anthology Tweaks but after most other content mods, generally. But I admittedly play with a pretty pared down install without anything that majorly adds or changes the spell systems, so there may be notable exceptions I am unaware of. Probably only people who use them could tell you, though.

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Early in the install order. Before kit mods, certainly - I think about any kind of mod that might use the Spell_to_Innate macro to create innate versions of spells. Since SR changes spells this should naturally be earlier. There’s an argument for installing it before NPC mods, for this reason… however, I always install it after NPC mods and I haven’t experimented with moving it earlier. I’m going to make a new install soon, maybe I will try moving it…

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Hmmm, that is still a lot later than I expected. As a term of comparison, my latest EET install, a very spartan by megamod standards, was following the ancient BGT megamod guide in its broad outline and was something like:

  • UI mods
  • Ascension (latest version by DavidW)

  • SR (main component and fixes)

  • IR (main component and store revisions)

  • BG1 mods (a few: bgqe, bg1npc, etc.)

  • BG2 quest mods (a few like Tower of Deception)

  • Wheels

  • NPCs (only one, Kelsey)

  • Banter mods (e.g. banterpack and iepbanters)

  • RR

  • personal tweaks

  • rest of SR (npc updated spellbooks)

  • rest of IR

  • Tweaks anthology

  • Atweaks (only a few components)

  • SCS

  • generalized biffing (mostly because without it, NI slows to a crawl)

I managed to finish BG (and defeated SCS Sarevok for the first time, probably the craziest, most difficult battle I ever had in BG) and then went on to finish SoD for the first time. But by that point was out of stamina so abandoned it and never wernt on to do BG2 and Ascension -- to this day never managed to do it. At any rate had no issues I can remember.

So given what both of you just said, what would be the potential problems with an install order as outlined above? Add whatever other mods to it as you fancy.

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That doesn't look inconsistent, only I install quest and NPC mods between Ascension and SR in your list. Again, I'm not sure that's ideal - in the abstract and very theoretically, SR should be installed before NPC mods. I took the original inspiration for my install order from the late-era BWS order that people like AL|EN and Argent77 had worked on.

I'm not totally sure how important it really is. If you're wondering about what to enter in an .ini document for Project Infinity, it doesn't have to be too detailed. I would say after Ascension, before kit mods, before tweak mods.

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16 hours ago, Endarire said:

May we get an option for Harm to deal 150 damage as per SCS and 3.5 instead of 90?

Sorry to be a killjoy, but no. This is exactly the type of thing that ought to be done in a personal tweaks mod, not in SR. Of course one could retort that SR should *facilitate* making such personal tweak patches, but that is a different issue altogether.

Edit: unless of course you are willing to write the code, submit the patch, allow me to relentlessly critique the code for maintainability, etc.

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30 minutes ago, grodrigues said:

Does it not mess things up? It should be done in a better way, at any rate.

Aw yes, at least the "Shapechange: Spirit Troll" will breaks things.

The others "SAY" need a check (look at the actual strings and the intent).

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As an aside, I wonder if it's intended that the `collections/vanilla/**/*.md` files (the documentation, I guess?) use the `PRO_*` tags for the spells descriptions, which is bad (why use the protagonist as reference for a spell that will be cast by anobody?).

I'd have guessed this was the docmentation published on https://gibberlings3.github.io/SpellRevisions/ , but then neither the SR nor the vanilla descriptions on this site show them.

So these files must besome outdated leftovers I suppose?

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29 minutes ago, subtledoctor said:

Because that is how the game generally does it? IIRC. 

You're right, it did at least in the english version of the three EE version I just checked, I didn't have an english version of the original game to compare (they are probably the same)

In that case that's probably a very old oversight, as it makes no sense.

This was apparently "fixed" at least in the french translation of the originals (and then the EEs).

And then, in spell revisions, in which not even the english versions use any PRO_

(Just had to check the jargon for "IIRC" :D )

To make that even clearer, wouldn't it makes as much sense to write


For every 2 extra levels of experience, the wizard gains an additional missile—<PRO_HESHE> has 2 at 3rd level, 3 at 5th level, 4 at 7th level, up to a total of 5 at 9th level.

as it would if you wrote


For every 2 extra levels of experience, the wizard gains an additional missile—<CHARNAME> has 2 at 3rd level, 3 at 5th level, 4 at 7th level, up to a total of 5 at 9th level.


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