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I've been spending the last week on documentation, woo! Available off the main project page, you'll now find:

edit: now current as of November 8, 2022.

If you spot typos or grammar mistakes, let me know.

For the devs, specifically @Luke, @argent77, and @DavidW: the goal is to write the docs to be accessible to players, so I end up glossing over some of the finer details. Please review the stuff I've written for your fixes and make sure I haven't done a too much glossing--or rewrite them to your heart's content if you so desire. Feel free to post here with corrections or submit pull requests for changes (the pages are sourced from the HTML files in the repo's docs folder). If you have an image and/or descript update for the gallery, unfortunately that has to go through me.


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11 minutes ago, lynx said:

Hmm, that rock shadow is worse on the EEs, you can barely notice the big square blocks in the original:

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PVRZ compression is to blame. There are many instances like this in all games, especially noticeable in areas with small color differences or darker colors.

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