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The Workshop Kitpack (v2.8) - 11 kits + multiclass kits and 20+ items

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This is a fix/tweak update.


  • Config.ini: Added proficiencies option for multiclass Clerics. If enabled, can place slots in all weapon types. This does not change usability by itself. This option is for use with tweaks that enable all weapons for Clerics. Note that this is automatically enabled if this mod is installed after Deities of Faerun or the Faiths and Powers usability component.
  • Rearranged order that kits are installed (Arcane kits moved to top).
  • Moonlight Knight (C/R): It was able to place slots in all weapon types by default, even though Cleric/Rangers are normally restricted to Cleric weapons. This is fixed.
  • Ether Booster: Bonus effect is applied immediately when Unleash Magic is used. The effect is applied every 3 seconds, but previously you had to wait 3 seconds for it to start.
  • Cruciform: Bonus effect is applied immediately when Bloodletter is used.
  • Hunter Badges: Bonus effects are applied immediately when Fire Weapon is used.


  • BGEE:
    • Status immunities should now block the correct display strings (they were only blocking the right strings in BG2). I went through abilities in each game to find the strings needed for each immunity. I still block a few "incorrect" strings in case some are used by other mods (they have the correct text, just not used by the game).
  • IWDEE:
    • Healing Blood will cure poison now, rather than just slowing the damage. It was already working properly in the BG games. This mistake was made because I clone Slow Poison into a subspell, but forgot that it doesn't fully cure poison in IWD.
    • Status immunities should now block the correct display strings.
  • Riftgate balor:
    • No longer immune to critical hits.
    • Summons Aerial Servants instead of a Fallen Planetar.
    • Changed some of the scripted spells.
    • Increased cooldown time for some script actions.
    • Can now re-summon creatures indefinitely (on a timed delay).
  • Ether Booster (casting speed penalty):
    • Made it so the kit abilities from this mod are not affected by casting speed penalties (non-spell abilities shouldn't be affected anyways). Exceptions are Denial, Moonlight Vortex, and Bolt of Glory.
    • The Misc items component will also patch base game kit/NPC abilities and non-caster HLAs. Spell-like abilities, such as Shadowstep or Paladin abilities, are not patched.
  • Golem Ring (haste/slow immunity):
    • In previous versions, simply equipping the ring would remove any haste or slow effects. At the same time, the Iron Flesh ability didn't give immunity to haste/slow, so you could cast it, then switch the ring out for a different one.
    • I changed it so that equipping the ring won't remove any effects. It will just prevent future effects while equipped. Using Iron Flesh, however, will now remove any haste or slow effects, as well as make the character immune to both for the duration.
  • Beast's Embrace: Added effect to account for an EE Fixpack change.
  • Cruciform: Changed portrait icon to the standard "Regenerating" one used by other items/spells.
  • Blood Transfusions: Added additional portrait icons ("Protection From Poison", etc.).
  • Corruption rune: Will now show a "Regenerating" icon, but only when under 50% HP.
  • Some other minor adjustments.
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On 12/1/2022 at 5:24 PM, southfla79 said:

I've been meaning to ask, what spheres do you assign if F&P is installed on your cleric kits?

I don't have a full list on hand, ready to copy paste, but these kits match the spheres of these FnP kits:

Grave Warden        - Jungle Ranger
Moonlight Knight    - Forest Ranger (standard Ranger spheres)
Confessor           - Auril priest
Temple Knight       - Clangeddon priest
Blood Minister      - Lost Druid + "Life" sphere (may be named different, depending on sphere system)

The exact spells will depend on which sphere system you install. For testing, I went in-game with each kit to make sure the spells matched the kit well (tested in "new FnP" and "PnP" systems). I wasn't too concerned with the names of the spheres or which exact kit I was matching. Also, for Confessor and Grave Warden, their spheres specifically won't include the custom spells gained by each kit (at least, not at the same spell level). All the above spheres will also be listed properly in the kit descriptions, except Blood Minister will only show minor in "Life" because I didn't add it using the FnP function.


EDIT: Added some actual sphere info in the next post.

The rest of this post wasn't that relevant, so I removed it. More useful to look at the sphere list or check the spells in the game directly.

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Sphere Systems

  • for Faiths & Powers and Deities of Faerun mods
  • The lists here are accurate for v2.3+


Faiths & Powers

NOTE: Some FnP spells are given by more than one sphere. However, the description will still only show one sphere. That's why you may see some spells with spheres that aren't listed here for a kit.


  • oFnP sphere system (not including Universal sphere):

Grave Warden: 
    - Life, Vermin, Protection, Exploration, Knowledge, Vigor, Affliction, Plant, Water, Shadow

Moonlight Knight: 
    - Life, Protection, Exploration, Knowledge, Vigor, Animal, Plant, Light

    - Major: Destruction, Protection, Knowledge, Dread, Water
    - Minor: Life, Death, Thought, Shadow, Magic

Temple Knight: 
    - Major: Life, Destruction, Protection, Vigor, Earth
    - Minor: Knowledge, Dread, Light, Magic

Blood Minister: 
    - Major: Life, Death, Vigor, Plant, Earth, Water, Air, Astral
    - Minor: Exploration, Knowledge, Thought, Affliction, Animal, Fire, Shadow
NOTE: "Life" will be listed as Minor in the kit description

Beast Hunter (F/M/C)
    - Major: Life, Vermin, Protection, War, Knowledge, Fire, Light
    - Minor: Thought, Dread, Vigor, Earth

Moonlight Knight (C/R)
    - Major: Destruction, Protection, War, Exploration, Vigor, Earth, Animal, Light
    - Minor: Life, Vermin, Knowledge, Deception, Plant, Magic, Astral


  • nuFnP sphere system:

Grave Warden: 
    - Perception, Insects, Vigor, Plant, Water, Shadow

Moonlight Knight:
    - Protection, Perception, Vigor, Animal, Plant, Radiance

    - Major: All, Death, Chaos, Protection, Perception, Decay, Water, Air
    - Minor: War, Thought, Shadow

Temple Knight: 
    - Major: All, Law, Protection, War, Vigor, Earth, Radiance
    - Minor: Death, Chaos, Perception

Blood Minister: 
    - Major: All, Death, Vigor, Plant, Earth, Air, Spirit
    - Minor: Perception, Animal, Fire, Shadow
NOTE: "All" will be listed as Minor in the kit description

Beast Hunter (F/M/C)
    - Major: All, Law, Protection, Perception, Fire, Radiance
    - Minor: War, Thought, Insects, Vigor, Earth

Moonlight Knight (C/R)
    - Major: Chaos, Protection, Time, Vigor, Animal, Earth, Radiance
    - Minor: All, Law, Perception, Deceit, Plant, Spirit


  • AD&D/DR-inspired system:

Grave Warden: 
    - Healing, Protection, Travelers, Divination, Summoning, Plant, Water, Weather

Moonlight Knight:
    - Healing, Protection, Travelers, Divination, Animal, Plant, Sun

    - Major: Law, Chaos, Protection, Travelers, Divination, Thought, Water
    - Minor: Healing, Necromantic, Combat, Weather, Numbers

Temple Knight: 
    - Major: Healing, Law, Chaos, Protection, Combat, Creation, Earth
    - Minor: Travelers, Divination, Wards, Sun

Blood Minister: 
    - Major: Healing, Necromantic, Summoning, Animals, Plant, Earth, Water, Air, Numbers
    - Minor: Travelers, Divination, Thought, Fire, Weather
NOTE: "Healing" will be listed as Minor in the kit description

Beast Hunter (F/M/C)
    - Major: Healing, Law, Protection, Divination, Fire, Sun
    - Minor: Combat, Thought, Charm, Creation, Earth

Moonlight Knight (C/R)
    - Major: Chaos, Protection, Travelers, Creation, Animal, Earth, Sun
    - Minor: Healing, Law, Divination, Wards, Plant, Numbers, Astral


Deities of Faerun

NOTE: My Ranger and Paladin kits will gain spells up to 7th level (similar to FnP). They can't actually cast these spells without the spell slots. I did it this way because there are several tweaks (i.e. from cdtweaks or OlvynSpells) that allow Rangers and Paladins to cast higher level spells.



Grave Warden: 
    - All, Necromantic, Vermin, Protection

Moonlight Knight:
    - All, Animal, Moon, Combat

    - All, Sun, Thought, Divination, Time

Temple Knight: 
    - All, Healing, Protection, Combat, Vocal

Blood Minister: 
    - Major: All, Healing, Plant, Darkness, Air, Divination
    - Minor: Necromantic, Vermin, Moon, Water

Beast Hunter (F/M/C)
    - Major: All, Healing, Vermin, Protection, Sun, Vocal
    - Minor: Combat, Creation, Fire, Divination

Moonlight Knight (R/C)
    - Major: All, Animal, Moon, Combat, Earth, Travelers
    - Minor: Plant, Summoning, Weave, Trickery


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54 minutes ago, southfla79 said:

Thank you very much!

Sorry - one last question....which FnP kit did you base the beast hunter FMC off of? I tried checking in the various mod files but couldn't figure it out.

Hey, so for the multiclasses, I actually handled compatibility a different way. Instead of using the FnP function, I give the spells directly with kit-targeted effects, added to the main cleric or ranger abilities tables (these effects do nothing without FnP installed). They're not 100% based on an existing kit, although there are only so many spheres, so there are probably some similar kits.

I'll probably get an update up within 1-2 days, which will make a few changes to the multiclasses. I'll update the sphere lists above too. The Beast Hunter FMC will have the same Major spheres, but with some added minor spheres. The Moonlight Knight CR will have multiple changes to both major and minor.

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Hello @Dan_P !

I have a question regarding the translation of your mod...


Spark Hunter Badge
Hunter badges, of little worth to regular folk, are nonetheless sought after by beast hunters. This badge captures the essence of the darkbeast, whose body is wreathed in destructive energy.

I can't find any reference to a Darkbeast... What type of creature is it?

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Content-wise, this isn't a lot different from the last time I posted in this thread. However, there are a several important fixes and updates to various installer files. Also made a couple item adjustments.


  • Fixes:
    • Beast Hunter (multiclass): Wasn't able to equip the "Big Metal Unit" armor (usable by every class/kit).
    • Grave Warden: Fixed potential usability issue on non-English installs of BG2EE.
    • Improved the way mass patching of spells/items by certain kits is handled.
    • A few other minor adjustments to install files.
  • Changes:
    • Cosmic Watcher badge: Saving throw against the level drain is now made at a -2 penalty.
    • SoD: Changed one of the item locations.
    • Added a bag of holding, containing items from this mod (d2#hbag.ITM). Not obtainable from normal gameplay.


  • Improved icons for Caryll runes. The differences should be easier to see.
  • Adjusted timings of a couple visual effects.
  • Cleaned up some of the abilities tables (no gameplay effect)
  • Some installer improvements.
  • Updated some of my old functions files.

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Note: French translation isn't fully updated yet

This was all stuff for the v3.0, but that's going to take longer, so I'm posting this now to get the release version up-to-date.


v2.8 update

What's new:

  • Added 2 Hunter Badges: Saw Hunter Badge and Old Hunter Badge.
  • Added 3 Caryll Runes: Hunter, Moon, and Milkweed.
  • Added Ether Limiter amulet (has bonus effect for Warhound kit).
  • Grave Warden: Can challenge Presio (IWDEE).


  • Revitalizer: Fixed visual/audio effects not showing if the target was higher level than the caster.


  • Revised Jolt spell: Still raises dead, but also breaks curses and cures several status effects.
  • Changed a couple item locations to account for new items.
  • Calamity Ring: Added to expansion areas (SoD, ToB, HoW) if not already obtained.
  • Crowfeather Cloak: Added non-detection.
  • Cruciform: Will also give 2 bonus 2nd-level priest spell slots.


The top 2 posts have been updated with the current item/spell info.

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