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[meta] Tagging posts


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I've spent the last couple of days wading through the forum, trying to make sure bug reports don't get missed. As such, I've started using the tagging system to track topics and settled on the following tags:

  • open - A bug report for which no action has been taken yet, or needs investigation.
  • need-info - A bug report we can't replicate and we're waiting on the original bug reporter for more information.
  • closed - A bug report that we're not taking action on for a variety of reasons: could be a duplicate, not a bug, fix is worse than the bug, &c.
  • committed - A bug report that has been fixed and added to the repo.
  • ongoing - One of a handful of threads where folks keep reporting bugs and the fixes are a running process.
  • meta - For tagging threads (like this one) where the content is informational or a discussion.

The six tags above are meant to be exclusive--e.g nothing should get an 'ongoing' and 'committed' tag.

  • code - Used to denote issues we can't make to the engine or codebase or where a code change would result in a better bugfix.
  • bgee, bg2ee, iwdee, pstee - When a bug is moved to committed, the game gets tagged to help documentation.

These tags are nonexclusive, though I generally wait until a bug has been committed to add the game tags.

Don't worry about tagging posts; one of the devs will handle it. Suggestions for the existing tags or for new ones are welcome!


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I suggest a bit of clarification about the difference from ongoing and open. By checking the existing ones tagged with the former, I understand that very few should be tagged like that, and are issues like typos/spelling things, where it is not expected to tackle them all, ever, so the thread can't rarely go into other tag in the near future. Is that so?

Additionally, I think that "open" and no tag are roughly the same (maybe just at a glance, and just to me 🙂 ), so maybe I would simplify it by not having this tag, and then do a bit less effort tagging. In bug trackers, the "open" name is sometimes used by default when an issue is filled, for example. If that can be done on the specific subforum, then great.

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