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The "Alternatives" mod & Mae'Var's Guildhall

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I am playing a game with several mods, including Alternatives I am playing a Paladadin, and I am  avoiding  joining forces with either vampires or a notoriously evil guild of thieves. I am therefore not getting the Thieves Guild  quests.

I am being very good and not doing any burgling, and avoiding many miniquests as they just don't fit with lawful goodness. This means I'll have a lot less money and XP, hence all the extra mods :)

Does anyone know if it is possible for me to also clean out Mae'Vars guildhouse. It seems like the right thing to do ... and there is a hell of a lot of XP on offer just from unlocking all the test locks! I can't unlock any of the entry  doors. I've tried picking the locks, and picking the bartenders pockters, and trying to antagonise the thieves into coming out but no joy.

btw I haven't cleared out the main guild yet as it's too early in my game.

Any help would be appreciated.

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