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Following the Pharmacopoeia's Holiday Trail


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Hello everyone who still has an eye here! I must apologise for my terrible lack of presence here in the last year.

The pandemic has rattled things around for everyone, I'm sure, and I'm no different. But I've not been completely idle, and I can report that I have finished the quest for Aklon's Pharmacopoeia, so there is still progress as I move towards actual completion of the mod... even if it's been an insanely long time in the making compared to most.


And in the spirit of the Holidays, I thought I'd offer up my traditional taste of what's to come, with a snippet from the player following the trail of the people who are currently in possession of Aklon's personal treasure. As in prior cases, I've shown only one PC dialogue option, but you can get a sense of what's to come here.


So I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic 2023 to come!


Essar: Greetings, my <LADYLORD>

Shalil: A pearl to you on this <DAYNIGHT>.

PC: I’m looking for the Company of the Veridian Pearl. The Thumb downstairs told me they were looking for you.

Shalil: Oh yes, they were looking for us. They helped out in an absolutely terrible situation.

Essar: Simply awful! We were beset by small time thugs taking advantage of the disarray among the rival guilds.

Shalil: Indeed, kobolds, the lot of them, but kobolds who had us over a barrel.

Essar: Stole our stock and tried to strongarm us into giving them a cut of profits.

Shalil: The Veridian Pearl made them think again, ho-ho!

Essar: But you don’t look like the kind of people who need help from adventurers. You fair look the very model of adventurers yourselves.

PC: I just need to find them. I’m not going to hire them.

Shalil: I’m sorry to say they’re no longer with us.

Essar: Not as in, dead, my <LADYLORD>, just that they’ve moved on, as adventurers so often do.

Shalil: You understand, I’m sure.

Essar: As to where they might be, we don’t rightly know-

Shalil: But they did say they’d heard tales told of some gnollish warband lurking near some kind of old temple north and west of the Umar Hills. Said they might try and find it.

Essar: I saw them pointing out some areas on a map they had. If you have one, I can show you where.

Shalil: Good luck, my <LADYLORD>, I hope you find them. [End]

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