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(Sorry, Jastey and Kulyok and the two other PM folks currently waiting for the update promised today - I tried but it is not ready today...)


There should be a new internal update available tomorrow afternoon. It will be dated 081007, and contains some new things to have fun with:


fixes some glitches on a SoA based Tutu install, cleanup of some code, fixes to Ajantis dialogues and to Xan'rs timer install text, and if we are lucky a testable version of Tiax's Quest - the last scheduled quest to add to BG1 NPC. This testable version will need some folks to really hit Tiax and Dynaheir's stuff to see if there is anything that doesn't work, as I have not had time to test it, so caveat emptor. I hope to playtest myself and tweak the two quests as soon as possible.

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Sorry folks - Real Life has hit, and I am still struggling with integrating Tiax's Quest for testing and getting Dynaheir's Quest to work on a SoA based install without MakeGlobal(). Tiax took 6 hours to troubleshoot enough to install, and still has notbeen tested.


In order not to inflict my horrific garbage on other people, especially those folks on a large BP/BGT install, please go ahead and use the file currently available on the internal site. I will try this weekend and Monday to get Tiax working and tested, and Drizzt behaving correctly - I have an 8 hour work session dedicated to it Monday, so I am hopeful that the version will be up then.

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v16 of BG1NPC and v5 of the Music Pack are now out. Linux, OS X, Windows for operating system packages; Tutu v4, EasyTutu_SoA, EasyTutu_ToB, EasyTutu_ToB_BETA, and BGT for platforms.


The Wizard will probably be updating the mirors soon, but for now they are available on G3 and the G3 mirror :p

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Hello all,

v22 is up. Here is a summary of the fixes/updates:

* David Jansen Quest: Adding %tutu_var% to SHLD16 items to reference where P#BAG01 and P#BAG02 should be placed in STO04901.
* Banter Timing Tweak: Adding condition to require BG1NPC Required Changes to be installed.
* Dynaheir's Journal Quest: Fix for quest failing to start
* Fixed issue with journal entries not being removed for Rescue Dynaheir quest on BGEE
* Kagain's Caravan Quest: Cross-mod compatibility with Thimberling's Thimblerig's Skie mod.
* Kagain's Caravan Quest: Fixed x#kaband.cre having 2 bandit scalps, x#bandk.cre not going hostile if you attacked them
* Romance Challenges: Fix Battle song reference for x#ch12.are
* Fixed redundant usability sections in item descriptions for BGEE
* Fixed issue: Ajantis Shield proficiency bonus becoming permanent in BGEE
* Incorporated fixes from BWP Fixpack v15.1.1
* New CRE macro: source_cre_script_cleanup. Useful for blanking scripts when using an existing CRE as a template for a new CRE.
* Updated WeiDU to v238
* Adding Polish translation credits to README.
* Various dialog typo fixes.

I'll create a new thread for v22 bug reports.

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