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I may have found a use for Soul Eater. (Icewind Dale Spells)

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On the surface, it seems like a trash spell. 

This spell deals 3d8 magic damage to all living creatures within a 14-ft. radius. Any creatures that die as a result of this damage are obliterated, and their essence is transformed into a 3-Hit-Dice skeleton under control of the caster. Also, for each creature that dies in this manner, the caster receives a +1 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution for 1 turn.

What creature dies to a 3d8 magic damage?  Kamikaze Gibberlings?  With Covid? But the boost to Strength, Dex and Con would be good for Kensai Mage dual…then I realized.

Limited Wish: I wish to Summon a Horde to Overrun my Enemies! ^_^

This spell ignores the summon limit to give you 20 fluffy bunnies…to be sacrificed! Soul Eater should boost Str, Dex and Con to 25 with that many fluffy bunnies.  Beware of the Bunny Cultist!  Someone curious, please test.  My laptop is slow. :(

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