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Should Quayle have this many spell slots?

Guest Mr Fixit

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Guest Mr Fixit

Decided to make another run through the trilogy. I play with NPC Project, UB, SCS and Tweaks Anthology, installed in that order. Nothing special, classic stuff I always do. Picked up Quayle at the Nashkel carnival, he's level 2/2, but I noticed he has 4 level 1 mage slots and 3 level 1 cleric slots, which, if I'm not mistaken, is too many. As a specialist wizard, he should have 3 level 1 mage slots (2 at mage level 1 (1 regular, 1 extra due to him being a specialist) and 1 additional at level 2. As cleric with no wisdom bonus, he should only have 2 spell slots at cleric level 2. 

Is this some hidden buff to Quayle I missed or is something wrong?

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