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Can I change weapon proficiencies mid-game?

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Greetings all!


I recently installed the tweak from this mod that changes all weapon proficiencies to the version that lumps most weapons together (blunt weapons, axe, long swords, short swords, missile weapons, etc)  However...I accidently chose this tweak and want to change it to another one (the one that lumps katana's and wakizashi's together and isn't quite so basic)  is it safe to do this mid-game?  Or, will it break my game / have to start a new one?  I would try myself...but, I do not wish to potentially break my game if this is something I should not be doing until a new game.  Does anyone know if it's safe to uninstall this tweak and then re-install it mid-game?

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What would uninstalling this tweak mid-run do? Any creatures that you'd met, and any NPC companions even if you hadn't met them yet, would have their proficiencies garbled - they'd still have weapon proficiencies, but they wouldn't be what you expect. Don't do it.

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