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Aerie Stutter Bug

Guest KingFotis

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Guest KingFotis


I have the bug where Aerie is trying to start a conversation with CHARNAME, and they both get stuck repeatedly every few seconds staring at each other while nothing happens.

It's infuriating but at least it seems to be happening only in the Temple District.

I tried fixing it by editing variables in ShadowKeeper, but I don't know which one. I tried setting her Romance timer to 0, and it worked to start the next romance conversation, but it didn't stop the stutter.

Is there an Aerie banter supposed to begin when you enter the Temple District for the first time?

The Stutter Debug Tool informs me that "Aerie: Running block 34 of Aerie.bcs"

Ι have the "Romance fixes" component installed and no additional romances or related mods.


Thank you!

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