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How do you guys resist not putting 108 in your stats?

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I don't resist.  Making everything base 18 at character creation is fast and effective and low maintenance.

I've played enough of D&D to realize that PCs - especially at low levels - need the boost.  At a certain point, having base 18s in everything doesn't matter much compared to more brute forced manually rolled stats.

Everyone benefits from a high DEX, CON, and their main stat (INT for INT-based casters, WIS for WIS-based casters, STR for melee, and CHA for certain modded classes).  This means for example, a melee Cleric benefits from a high STR, DEX, CON, and WIS, and doesn't care much about INT & CHA.  A pure Fighter, Thief, or Fighter/Thief can dump INT, WIS, and CHA at 9 each, put 18 in STR, DEX, and CON, and only spend 81 points while being fine.

Some classes have effective inherent caps to stats:  Many classes don't fully benefit from a CON higher than 16, and STR mostly matters if you plan to melee.  A pure Wizard with 18 STR and d4 HD probably won't be meleeing much.

(I know various mods like Scales of Balance change the effects of certain stats, but main stats are main stats regardless.)

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I've done it once. It didn't really make the game more fun for me, so its not a temptation. Baked in flaws make for more interesting characters and runs.

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