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[Idea] A variable backstab multiplier

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This has more to do with logic then D&D, but what about a variable backstab multiplier. Even without the person knowing you are there, I doubt you could always get your blade in exactly the right spot or you could even get lucky and you blade does more damage then you expected. Dependent on lvl, your multiplier would be x2-x4 instead of just x3, or x6-x8 instead of x7. You could add a ability like "Perfect Strike/Backstab" which would keep your backstab multiplier the same, when you get to a high enough lvl.


It would also appeased some of the 3e D&D fanboys as it is closer to damage modifier.


Of course I don't know how feasible this would be.

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Maybe doable...

Raise the backstabbing table by 1, and tweak CLAB files accordingly.

Make DPlayer (or baldur, but the former allows you to use LOCALS checks instead of relying on scriptable spells engine) give apply to properly-suited character, only once, a spell to make a second spell re-cast on the character every round or so. The second spell has chances of giving you a penalty of 0, 1 or 2 to backstabbing (you get +1 to all backstabbing, remember :undecided: ?) and the HLA ability will make you immune to the second ability.

However, you have to keep the AI on to make this work properly, and I wonder how many people think this is worth adding.


Coding-wise it's very easy, so G3Tweaks is not the suitable mod for this I believe :)

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In 2e the weapon damage is variable but the number added to it when you backstab is always the same. Using Ghreyfain's example of a 1d8 weapon with x7 backstab, you have 8 damage possibilities (7,14,21,28,35,42,49,56). In 3e, using the same weapon, you have anywhere from 88 to 968 damage possibilities (+2d6 to +20d6). The math may be off, as sleep deprevation has been shown to dull math skills, but it's close enough.


The x5-x7 (or whatever you decide if/when you do this) would change the damage possibilities to 24. It's obviously not the same but it's closer then usual.

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