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Sample banters

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Click here for sample banters.


Our proof-reader has not yet returned the banters, so typos etc. are possible.


Comments are accepted. At the moment I'm thinking that they're really awful, but these feelings come and go... :undecided: Maybe I like them tomorrow. Temptation to write an NPC that only talks to the PC is notable, though. A talking stone NPC perhaps? :)


- Meira

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They are not really awful but really good! I think some parts of Amber's intriguing personality are nicely revealed by your samples, as they should be. And Korgan's comments made me smile, which to me is a clear proof of the fact that you know what you are doing with Amber. :thumbsup:


Looking forward to the finished product - this is going to be a good year for NPC mods! :)

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She sounds pretty mean in those banters. I like!


However I did not like this one line from Viconia:


"And what exactly makes you think that I would need to prove anything to you?"


It sounds out of character; I would expect a scathing insult from her rather than her going on the defensive. I also noted this Cernd line:


"Don't worry about it, Amber. Your temper is like a sudden rain on a warm summer day. It is over just as quickly as it begun"


As Cernd likes to hide behind his nature analogies, I would drop the first sentence:


"Your temper is like a sudden rain on a warm summer day. It is over just as quickly as it begun"


I also can't see him quoting wisemen, when the wisdom of Man pales in comparison to the glory of Nature!

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Thanks for the comments! :thumbsup:


Haucusuchus, I've taken your suggestions under consideration. I think that the problem with Vic here is that she wont have voicing in this particular banter. Delivered with decent amount of spite and annoyance that line might not sound that defensive at all. But since there wont be voicing, the tone of the line probably should be clearer. Perhaps if it was not in form of a question but rather a statement? "I don't have to prove anything to you, maggot." Or something along those lines...

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I think that's a better line to take. A bit of a pity what having a non-voicing part constrains you to.

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