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More usability stuff from IW

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From Iron Works: these were added to the existing unusability patches so I won't be posting code.


The scroll of Protection from the Elements was usable by thieves.


Every wakizashi in the game is listed as unusable by druids in its description. The only one that actually was flagged as such is Kachiko's Wakizashi; Wakizashi, Wakizashi +1, and Yamato +4 are now unusable by druids and fighter-druids.


In the course of researching druid v fighter-druid weapon restrictions, I discovered several weapons that are restricted from druids that really shouldn't be: Poisoned Throwing Daggers (DAGG16), Shadow Thief Dagger (DAGG18), and Dagger of (DAGG19). DAGG18 was also usable by f/m/c.


On the flipside, fighter-druids have access to two weapons they should not: Mace +2 from the Rod of Lordly Might (RODMACE2) and the Sword of Chaos (SW1H99). I'm guessing SW1H99 is probably not available in the game, but WTH, the code is already written.


Included in alpha 5.

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