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Dark Horizons Spanish Translation

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I began to translate Dark Horizons BGEE v.2.13 (I don't know if exists a more recient version) to Sapnish language. I only need to know where and how to modifiy the file to include the option when installing.

Thank you! 

PS: And if someone knows more recent versions and can tell me, great. Please.

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For the mod translation you've got the right version, a few additional modifications have been made here, but they don't concern the languages.

To test your translation you can simply add your files in another existing language and choose this language during installation...

But to integrate your translation properly, you need to add the news entries to the Setup-DarkHorizonsBGee.tp2 !

You'll have to add them after those already here. Following file names, formats and encodings.

Don't forget that DarkHorizons requires tra files to be encoded in ANSI.


LANGUAGE  ~English~                   // Will be the name of your language displayed at installation.
                       ~english~                   // Will be the name of your folder in which you will place your translation, the same name as below



Edit : corrected wrong link for tp2

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