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Looking for help converting to and back from .EFF


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Good day! I am totally not a game developer or a modder, so i need some help in my situation. My research led me to beleive that Infinity Engine used to store animations in .EFF file format. I have some EFF files that are not relevant to games, but I really need to convert them from EFF to something watchable and how to convert other animations back to EFF. I am very lost at this point though i am pretty tech savvy, I dont have any experience in coding or gamedevelopment, and i would really appreciate any help I can get. 

The EFF files that I have are old bowling scoring system animations, like STRIKE or SPARE etc, there are around 80 total, I put 20 of them in an archive below.

Thank you!


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Also, most of the Infinity Engine file types are relatively simple but proprietary: files taken from other games, even if they have the same file extension (e.g. ".eff") are not actually going to be the same file type or be in any way compatible with the Infinity Engine games (or vice versa). File extensions are helpful indicators of what a file is supposed to do, but they do not have anything directly to do with what the file actually is or its intended use. I could change a .jpg to a .txt and opening it up with an image editor would still open it as a .jpg image file because that's what it is regardless of what the file extension says, and so you can see how many different file types formatted in completely different ways for distinct intended purposes can use the same file extensions.

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