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"Set % of" parameter for Opcodes 73 and 285 don't seem to work

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I'm testing opcodes "Attack damage bonus (73)" and "Melee weapon damage bonus (285)" for a weapon and want to add an effect which increases the attack damage of a melee weapon by 30%.

I thought the "Modifier type" parameter would work for this as it works perfectly for movement rates, current HP etc. But whatever percentage value I use for the mentioned opcodes, there is no increase. It works fine using values for increments or setting a fixed value but setting a ridiculous value like 1000 has no effect.

Is this broken?

The weapon's effect contains the following properties.

Target Self
Power 0
Value 130
Modifier type Set % of
Timing mode Instant/While equipped
Dispel/Resistance Natural/Nonmagical
Duration 0
Probability 1 100
Probability 2 0
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The problem is threefold.

  1. Your character, unless a swashbuckler or kensai most likely doesn't have a damage bonus that could be multiplied, i.e. 130% of zero is zero.
  2. Effect order application means an equipping percentile effect on a weapon wouldn't work with timed damage bonuses (such as berserk or other buffs)
  3. As kjeron said, the percentage multiplier doesn't work properly for this opcode anyway.
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