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Disappearing and Reappearing Spells

Buck Naked

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Running BG1tutu, with Cleric Remix installed last.


Picked up Viconia, have noticed that she often loses spell slots and/or memorized spells between saved games and/or reloads (found her at second level, she hasn't leveled up yet). Not sure if it's also happened with Branwen yet.

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We have no clue why that happens, it seems to be engine weirdness. :thumbsup: It doesn't seem to happen to everyone, and doesn't seem to depend on other mods they have installed - that's one of the reasons we have been rethinking the way the system works for a non-beta release.

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Guest Wounded_Lion

I have also encountered this problem. Tis VERY annoying, almost to the point of rendering the mod undesirable. Also, on a minor note, since installing Cleric Remix I cannot complete the tutorial... it would seem that the game does not register cleric spells as being cast when Branwen request that you do so.


On a positve note, most of the kits are interesting and well done. I find that combining Ashes of Embers with the Cleric Remix kits makes for a great game.


BTW, I didn't write this just to complain; I thought you might like some feedback, is all.


a Wounded Lion

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Any feedback is appreciated. :thumbsup:


The spell problem is annoying but we've all been busy recently so not had the chance to fix it. The tutorial one is interesting, too. I wonder why it happens... I think I've only done the tutorial once, heh.

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I don't know how helpful this is or if you know about it ... but ...


I've encountered this problem and did a full reinstall of the game w/o cleric remix, but using the same saved game. And the bug is still there. I also noticed it comes back between loads, I'm guessing just between save game loads(I didn't really take too much notice.) So I'm guessing it has something to do with the save game file?

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I've also noticed, at least with Branwen and Viconia, that they are still getting new spell levels at the same character level they would normally -- level 2 spells at 3rd level, level 3 spells at 5th level, etc. IIRC, kitted clerics are supposed to be getting their spells a level later than normal. Perhaps these two problems are related?

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Well, I've found something regarding spell loss that happens in my game WITHOUT Cleric Remix ever being installed that may just be related :). You might wonder why I'm on this forum in the first place but I'm often on the scour for new mods to use next time through BG2 (even though I'm still at the end of SOA in my current game ;) )


Basically I was reading this forum and I could swear I remember losing all my memorized level 6 spells once when taking a Ring of Wizardry off of Edwin. With abit of experimentation I've found a 100% replicate-able method of losing all your memorized spells of any level which is altered by equipping an item. I've tested this with the Rings of Acuity/Wizardry/Holiness and the Cleric's Holy Symbol as well as Weimer's Sorcerian Ring.


The state of one's spell book/slots and memorized spells when equipping the item that gives bonus spells has no bearing on the spell loss whatsoever. It is (just like with the CR problem) the removing of spell slots by taking the item off that causes the loss of memorized spells for the altered levels.

I've found that I lose ALL memorized spells of a level, without fail, if when taking off an item that adds a spell slot there are 2 or more empty spell slots on that level. Empty meaning no spell memorized or selected to be memorized upon resting.


For example:


A cleric has seven 6th level and three 7th level spells slots (i.e Lvl 25exp). She has a spell selected or memorized for every slot when she puts on her Holy Symbol. She now has one extra empty level 6th and 7th spell slot. She can take the Holy Symbol off again and the extra space disappears whether it was filled with a spell selection or not, without affecting any other slots.

So now lets say the cleric is wearing the Holy Symbol and has not yet picked spells for her bonus slots. If the cleric were now to remove a memorized 7th level spell which would leave her with two used and two blank 7th level spell slots, taking off the ring would cause her to lose all her 7th level spell selections and be left with 3 empty slots. Her 6th level spell selections would be unaffected. If the cleric put the ring on again and picked a spell for three or four of her 7th level slots, not memorized but just selected, when she takes the ring off she will not lose her spells.


The key to avoiding spell loss is to never have more than one free spell slot at a level when reducing the number of spell slots. When you know this happens it is obviously quite easy to avoid with items, you just fill up your slots with spell selections before taking anything off!

I wonder if somewhere in the Cleric Remix process players are (even if only temporarily as they load a game) being left with two empty slots at a level and then having it reduced by one causing them to lose all their spells memorized or selected for that level? Which would imply the game re-calculates the spell slots when the game is loaded which I assume would only happen if using some kind of script to check up on them (and I thought I read somewhere CR doesn't use scripts like this to apply the changes).


Sorry if this long winded explanation is common knowledge or plain irrelevant, but I haven't seen it talked about before so I figured I'd flag it up just in case :)

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