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CamDawg's Tweak Pack Released


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I was hoping to have some more free time to run this through its paces, but I find myself short of time as of late. However, I'm hoping that we can get some folks who would like to download this and put it through its paces. Only four components for initial release; more to come in the later versions. Thanks to icelus, I can offer this up for download. :D


Download it here!


View the readme.

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I am currently playing a game with the world map fixes and the weapon animations tweaks installed. I haven't been playing special attention to their effects, but no game crashing or other obvious bugs so far. I have also played the game many times with a self-hacked Imoen as a mage avatar without any problems.

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The world map component is really my main concern, though the interjections component is fairly new. The Imoen avatar and animations tweaks should be solid (knock on wood). I'm running with all four components plus Harvey & Delainy, so any problems will be Grim's fault.

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Thanks BigRob. It's not so much of a 'sign up to beta test' as it is a 'download and enjoy but I haven't vetted it to my satisfaction' type of deal. :D


Sim just gave me some ideas to further refine the interjection trigger component, so you may see a new minor release soon.

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I'm not sure if this is related to the map correction, but when I attempted to travel from Umar hills (eastern side of the map) directly to the city gates (in chapter 6) I got a crash to desktop. When I traveled to Waukeen's Promenade and then to the city gates I had no problem. I do have aVENGER's rogue rebalancing and Unfinished Business (the most current version) installed both of which may make minor adjustments to the city gates zone.

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Oh, one more question Caedwyr: does this happen every time you try to travel from Umar to the City Gates, or was it a one time deal?


edit: I may have found the problem; I think it's a bad connection through the Temple ruins. Is the travel time from Umar Hills to the City Gates 12 hours?

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I believe so. I've only ever tired the connection once, and it did a nice CTD. Also, when I first tried to go to the Temple Ruins from the Umar hills, the ruins stayed greyed out until I exited the Umar hills from the north part of the map. Pretty annoying until I figured things out.

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v0.9.2 Released


- Fixed the problem traveling from the Temple Ruins to the City Gates due to a faulty exit point. This should fix Caedwyr's reported problem.

- Also fixed the issue of only being able to travel from Imnesvale to the Temple Ruins from the north edge of the map.

- Made Mac WeiDU compatible.

- Tightened searches in the Imoen and Viconia avatar change components.

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Another possible bug. In chapter 2 I left the temple ruins (dark version) from the top of the screen after picking up mazzy and I was able to go to the North Forest. After clearing the North Forest I exited from the top of the map (I believe) and I now had the option to go to the Forest of Tethyr.

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