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CamDawg's Tweak Pack Released


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I didn't try, but it is quite possible if that if I try exiting different sides of the Tethyr forest I'll get the Small Teeth Pass area and maybe even the underdark entrance. Hmm, I think I'll save a file and see what going through the underdark backwards is like.



A quick question. Are you passing the bugfixed version of the map fix along to Littiz and T.G.M. or should I be sending them the newer info?

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No, I hooked up with Littiz and passed along the first fix. Now that I have another set I'll be sending him another email. :D


Actually, if the Underdark Exit didn't already pop up from the Forest of Tethyr or North Forest, then I believe I have the problem nailed down.

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I can confirm that it was only the North Forest and the Forest of Tethyr that appear. I tried exiting from all sides of those zones and nothing new popped up. Having other strange things pop up from other zones is another mater though....

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Nah, I've identified the problem--it was a previously unknown area flag in the world map. Because of the flag, any area that links to the North Forest or Forest of Tethir would reveal them on the map. Since only chapter 6 areas had links to them previously, Bioware left this flag set since it made no difference. The Underdark Exit and Small Teeth Pass aren't flagged, so you should not be able to reveal them until Chapter 6.


Other updates: two of the three areas that have multiple entry points (Umar Hills & Temple Ruins pre-Shade Lord) will now place the party at the logical entry point. Trademeet, despite having three entry points, will always place the party at the SE entry point to make sure the party sees the militia fighting the animals and speaks with the militia.

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OK, v0.9.3 is out. This should address two issues with the world map fixes: chapter 6 areas no longer show up early, and you can leave from any edge of the map. The "Force all dialogue to pause" component has been added as well.


The download location and readme in the first post have been updated.

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Version 0.9.4 released.


Added a component discussed on the Baldurdash boards: Change Magically Created Weapon Weights to Zero. With only a few exceptions, magically created weapons have zero weight. This component adjusts the exceptions to have zero weight as well.

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