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Semi Incompatibility with Faith and Powers

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I just wanted to share that there is a slight incompatibility when trying to install and of the Dual/Multiclass components that involve clerics in anyway it leads to a message such as I have screenshotted here

This obviously doesn't happen if FnP is installed after but then it keeps it out of the whole being able to dual class and multiclass it's kits.

Just felt I should point that out, you created an awesome mod , so asking it to be compatible with every mod around the corner might be asking for much anyway.

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@Connelly I wouldn't really say they do the same thing FnP has far more kits that ToF and has a sphere system, etc.

ToF is more of a tweak system for the whole game entirely, it adds a bunch of kits true but does more for the overall game.

The most similar aspect between them is just the multiclass thing honestly, but ToF gives also dualclass along with Multiclass and not just for divine kits.

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ToF has new cleric kits, multiclass kits, and a sphere system. FnP has new cleric kits, multiclass kits, and a spheres system. (Plus a couple other goodies like paladin archetypes, spontaneous casting for all clerics, and multiclass shamans.) Also, there is Deities of Faerun which has… new cleric kits, multiclass clerics, and a sphere system. Divine Remix has some of that too  

These are all largely incompatible with each other. ToF in particular seems to use proprietary systems involving the UI instead of things like ADD_KIT_EX, QDMulti, etc. (Though admittedly I only installed ToF once and didn’t explore too much. EDIT - this may not be true, it just may be down to the particular components I installed.) I would expect some pretty hard incompatibilities. Pick one of the divine kit/sphere mods for your install and leave the others. You can always switch up to a different one for the next game. 

The only parts of FnP that probably play nicely here are the paladin kits and archetypes, the revised paladin spell table, and the multiclass shamans. 

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I really kinda feel dumb making this post now.

In truth I didn't install the Kits from TOF , I just wanted to install the Dual Class/Multiclass component , so I didn't read through the Divine Component of ToF as properly, just simmed as I skipped it.

FnP is something I use regularly, so don't want to install another mod which does the same, it was just being able to dual class into the stuff that I wanted.

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No worries! It’s reasonable. But this mod is very (very) new and there is not yet compatibility with FnP’s sphere system. DavidW can add it here or I can code it into FnP (quite easy, all of these deities are already represented there) once I figure out how these kits work. 

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