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description of a few 'unknown' PST actions


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SetCorpseEnabled(animationID, boolean)

This action works quite much like AmbientActivate (enables or disables an animation).

Except that this action has a string parameter, while AmbientActivate takes an object parameter (which is quite weird for an animation).



These are unused, but working. They modify the MazeDifficulty global. Its value could be 0-2.



This seems to be unused and not working (crashing).



Well, you guessed right, it generates the parameters for the modron maze (AR13*).

The data is 1720 bytes long and it is stored in the PST .gam file.


190 FinalSave()

Works for PST (though the area preview will be black).

I believe there are a few unknown actions in PST that come from bg1.

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