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Project Infinity fonts

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum...

I want to use Project Infinity to install number of mods but the fonts in the "install order" mod list are off. The font seems too large, I can only see the top half of the letters.

This makes it really hard to see what boxes I should to select. I haven't been able to find any clue as to why it is happening searching around in settings or looking through forums. Has anyone had this using Project Infinity, or has a clue on how to fix? Any help would be appreciated.


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25 minutes ago, AL|EN said:

Which can be found exactly where in Windows ? Also, you might want to link to the instructions, and not to a github trouble shooting article that you quote.
Yes, I understand that you might be on a phone, but still ... also the prefered reply is a picture/s of the exact instructions on English windows interface. Now let's assume I am correct, here's how(windows 10):


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