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Warden of the Serene Wetlands fighter/cleric multiclass kit

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So this is my idea, I'm now in the middle of coding it and as I'm a complete beginner it's going rather slowly ; ) but anyway this is the writing part and kit construction, I really hope for some feedback from you People - good or bad - all is welcome. Basically it's a kensai/cleric of Eldath with druidic weapons only and some minor but very useful druidic powers.


@2= ~Warden of the Serene Wetlands~
@3= ~warden of the serene wetlands~
@4= ~Warden of the Serene Wetlands: Mysterious Eldath has many hidden and peaceful refuges, groves, and sanctuaries scattered across the lands. These serene places soothe disputes and provide havens for the forsaken and the wounded. One can usually find waterfalls, ponds, and wetlands embraced by emerald forests, mangroves, or meadows there. The shrines and temples, stunningly beautiful in their simplicity, stand as beacons of tranquility.

Amid sculpted, smooth stones and columns, those with troubled hearts and good souls can find peace and forgiveness if they listen closely to the rare, enchanting whispers. Some say that's the Quiet Goddess herself, sharing timeless wisdom and the natural balance. These sanctuaries are usually guarded and maintained by priests, druids, or monks, all of whom are honored with the title of Warden, regardless of their rank or specialty.

One such sanctuary, the stone Serene Wetlands sanctuary, sits gracefully on the shore of a lake, nourished by cascading waterfalls and surrounded by vibrant, waterlogged glades and forests. It is renowned for its nature loving, peaceful weapon master monks, akin to the Kara-Turan Kensai. Forbidden from using armor or helmets, they believe true defense comes only through wisdom. The beautiful, emerald-glimmering Goddess Eldath grants them divine powers to protect her temple. Druidic elder women, ever-present around temples like this one, patiently teach minor druidic cantrips to ensure that youngsters learn the Oldest Way of healing as well.

– 1st level: The Flow: "Water flows endlessly, whispering tales of eternity": Warden gains a -2 AC bonus

– 1st level: The Knowledge: "Passed on by word of mouth": Gains Stimulant Herbs ability - allows the Priest of Eldath to do maximum damage for twenty seconds after the activation of the ability. The effect is instant, there is no casting time.
Starting at level one with a single use, it may only be used once per day for every four levels.

– 1st level: The Simplest Medicine: "Heal the wounded, soothe the frightened, protect the weak": 1x Good Berry Spell and 1x Barkskin per 3 levels

– 3rd level: The Flow: "In the dance of stream and rock, the stream prevails, not by strength, but by persistence.": +1 to weapon damage and -1 to thac0 per 3 levels
–  4h level: The Flow: "In the dance of stream and rock, the stream prevails, not by strength, but by persistence.": -1 to weapon speed per 4 levels

– 5th level: The Whispers: "Enchanting as a forest, strong as a waterfall - so is the peacekeeper of the Goddess". Wardens of Eldath's Groves are famous for their diplomatic skills. They are commonly summoned to help with disputes. For every two points of charisma above ten
Warden of the Serene Wetlands receives 2% physical resistance     //3%?//

– 7th level: The Stillness: "Rivers flow into the ocean, yet the ocean remains undisturbed; so too is the body of a peaceful soul": Immunity to poison

- Warden cannot wear any armor, bracers //alternative version: can wear only special bands which are not blocking the Flow// or helmets
- can only be specialised with weapons allowed for druids


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Mold touch, pixie dust and mist of eldath  will be added to the list of spells of the kit.

I don't suppose this kit is going to be super powerful, what i like to have here is versatile all arounder, proficient in battle yet useful for support as this is my favourite combo. I dont want it to have certainly super powerful spells like insect plague. I would gladly see any feedback since as always I'm unsure of my own judgement :]

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