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seeking advice for install order for planescape ee, and also a question about using NPC_ee mod by the subtle doctor

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1. the install order for planescape ee

A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_ABLE_PONDER_THOUGHT_RESEARCH;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Able Ponder-Thought Research
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_CANDLESTICK;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Candlestick Quest
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_DEIONARRA_TRUTH;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Deionarra's Truth Conversations
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_PENDANT_OF_YEMETH;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Pendant of Yemeth Quest
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_ELYCE_COMPANY;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Elyce's Company
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_CURST_CITIZENS;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Curst Citizens
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_CURST_PRISONERS;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Curst Prisoners
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_CARL_PARFIDOR;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Carl Parfidor
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_MORTE_INGRESS_TEETH_BANTER;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Morte-Ingress's Teeth Banter
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_ALLEY_OF_DANGEROUS_ANGLES_THUGS;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Alley of Dangerous Angles Thugs
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_ITEMS;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Items
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_PARTY_COMMENTS_AND_BANTERS;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Party Comments and Banters
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_MEBBETH;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Mebbeth
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_LOWER_WARD;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Lower Ward Encounters
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_BESTIARY_ENTRIES;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Bestiary Entries
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_LOTHARS_ABODE;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Lothar's Abode
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-RESTORED_TENEMENT_OF_THUGS;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Restored Tenement of Thugs
A7-PST-UB-RELOADED-MISC_RESTORATION_AND_IMPROVEMENTS;PS:T Unfinished Business - Reloaded - Miscellaneous Restorations and Improvements
PowerOfBelief:0;PowerOfBelief - Power of Belief
A7-BAGSOFTORMENT-MAIN;Bags of Torment - Containers for PST:EE
A7-BAGSOFTORMENT-INCREASE_CAPACITY;Bags of Torment - Increase storage capacity of containers
JournalPortraitConversations:200;JournalPortraitConversations - Modify PSTEE UI.Menu
JournalPortraitConversations:210;JournalPortraitConversations - Use PSTEE Bestiary Portraits for dialogue
A7-BANTERACCELERATOR-40_10;Banter Accelerator for Enhanced Edition games - Frequency: 40 seconds, Probability: 10% (default)
cd_tweaks_reset_undersigil_fow;The Tweaks Anthology - Reset UnderSigil Fog of War
A7-HIDDENGAMEPLAYOPTIONS-INSTALL_ALL;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Install all Hidden Gameplay Options at once
A7-HIDDENGAMEPLAYOPTIONS-KEYBINDING_PRIEST_MAGE;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - for priest and mage spells
generalized_biffing_all_files;Generalized Biffing - Biff all files (recommended by the Big World Dudes)

does generalized biffing mod work with Project Infinity out of box, or do you need to biff by running .exe manually?


2.I 'd like imoen to be a mage/ thief, and there is a component from NPC_ee for that

UnearthedArcana/NPC_EE: NPC kit options for Baldur's Gate (github.com)

the readme mentions for this component 

Component 1010: Remove Imoen's dual-class flag

"...This component will make Imoen a multiclass mage/thief. Her class levels will equalize and some stats might be a bit out of balance. But that can be fixed by using the class/stat/prof-change tome. "

how exactly does one do that? do I use the tome on imoen and select mage/thief multi class even as she is already one, so she becomes lvl 0 and i can lvl her up in accordance to the steps mentioned by readme? or do i need to first switch to another class-->lvling her up-->switch back to m/t-->lvling her up?

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