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[v35.16] Edwin Cannot Memorize Chromatic Orb (BG1EE/SOD)

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When I recruited Edwin at 32k XP, I noted in the log that the list of known spells added by the game automatically included Chromatic Orb, and if I place a scroll for Chromatic Orb in Edwin's inventory, the green outline does not appear on the scroll, and the button to inscribe the scroll into his spell book is grayed out. However, if I open his spell book, the Chromatic Orb icon does not appear, and so he cannot select it for memorization. As an experiment, i tried forgetting some spells to see if that would make the Chromatic Orb icon appear, but it did not. 

I am using all the spell tweaks, but I am not using the NPC customization component. My other mods besides SCS are EEex, Lefreut's UI (BG1EE skin), Bubb's spell menu, and Tweaks. 

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Which SCS components? I don't think anything in SCS changes opposition schools? (Or do you mean: changes a spell's school? That's not an issue here.)

Could you post your weidu.log?

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