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Work continues on the re-write, and I've been making decent progress on the next component, which is bringing in some items from IWD into BG1-SoD and BG2.  My approach to this component is to use IWD items to fill in some gaps for item types that are under-represented in BG1 and BG2 to give players more options for those slots.  Same as before, really, but re-thinking, and expanding on it.

I'll give some examples: In BG1, there are two Belms (which are just +2 weapons).  One in Durlag's tower on the top level, and one just laying on the ground by the waterfall in Cloakwood.  Seems kinda silly to me to have two of the same thing like that, so why not replace one with the Lucky Scimitar +2 from IWD?  Or how about the lack of options for belts?  Kinda lacking in both games, imho, and there are some neat ones in IWD we could bring into the mix. 

There's also some nice consumable and semi-consumable items in IWD that would be useful.  The first two that came to mind were the Mummy's Tea and Philter of Purification.  They both do the same thing, cure diseases, which would be a nice QoL thing to have in BG1 and 2.  Those, along with some ammo items and wands that are unique to IWD I am planning on bringing in.

Outside of filling gaps, there are a few unique IWD items that are in the category of what I call "semi-cursed".  Items that involve tradeoffs, but aren't necessarily fully cursed.  I *really* like these kinds of items since you have to give up something to get something else in return.  Anything that makes the player have to think and choose, or otherwise adds to the strategy portion of the game.  I am planning on bringing some a these along for the ride, too.

All this time spent on these two components thus far has given me time to think on what I want to do with what will likely be the last two parts I work on:  New spells and Item upgrades.  So far in the spell bucket, I got a really neat idea for one new spell that I simply cannot wait to get into the hands of players; providing I can make it work the way I envision.  It'll be low-level, but scalable, and may even answer a long-standing mystery.  For item upgrades, that one remains a swirling mass in my head, but it's beginning to settle into what I think will be it's final form.

My mantra for this mod to give you all an idea where my headspace is at:  Interesting, Unique, Useful, Balanced. 



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On 5/18/2024 at 10:31 PM, Xiaolong said:

The "Belms" you mentioned are actually Rashad's Talons.

There are already mods that import IWD items into BG games, such as Made in Heaven Item Pack and Forgotten Armament. Hope your mod will not import duplicate items.

With any item my mod imports from either SoD or IWD, there is a check to see if it's already in the game files before doing so.  I try to avoid dupes where I can, though admittedly I can't account for everything without feedback and input from kind folks such as yourself.

I went and checked MiH, for the IWD items that one brings in, they rename the files using their prefix, essentially creating something new.  I don't usually do that unless there are conflicts.  I'll probably just put in a check for that component of MiH and make IWD item component incompatible.

I looked for Forgotten Armament, but it appears to have been removed and no longer available.  I did see that the author is a contributor to MiH, so maybe those two mods have merged into one, no idea.

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