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[BGEE][Beta 11] Healing spells like Cure Light Wounds and Lay on Hands are curing for double the amount

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This happens after installing the 'Characters choose minor new abilities every three levels' component. The bug persists even if this component is the only one installed (with no other mods present).

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I can't reproduce this on my current install (beta 12, but I don't think anything relevant has changed since the beta 11 release). Test process:

- clean install only of that component on BGEE 2.6.6

- start a new game

- level my protagonist a bit to be robust enough to survive some damage

- hit them with a few magic missiles

- Console in JAHEIR

- Force-join her

- Get her to cast Cure Light Wounds on the main character - it does 8 hp.


So I'm not sure what's going on here. If you can give me an exact scenario to reproduce the bug, please do.

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I found the problem. Well, not exactly. The thing is, I was reinstalling the game again and again, but without deleting "Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition" from my documents folder. I finally did this before reinstalling, and the problem vanished. Something in that old folder was messing things up. I'll install all the mods I use now and see if the problem arises again.

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The problem appeared again, but this time I found the culprit. It was the option to auto-pause after a spell was cast. So, basically, I'm turning it off every time I need to heal someone.

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Oh @Bubb just recently fixed that issue with healing for the IWD2EE mod. I don't know how much shared code there would be. Although, auto-pause on spell cast is known to cause many problems like this.

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