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compatibility of rogue rebalancing with bg 1 ee, and with song and silence, item upgrade

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hi. is rogue rebalancing compatible's "extra bard and thief items" compatible with 1 ee? 


is this warning that pops up during installation of rogue rebalancing's "extra bard and thief items" on bg 1 ee +sod showing a conflict as that an item already exists (restored?) in ee game? 


//INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS     Additional equipment for Thieves and Bards
//WARNING: no effects altered on MISC2P.ITM
//WARNING: rr:7 has encounter errors durring installation, exited with ExitCode = 3

 wiki says the item is The Captive Audience.

can i safely ignore it as it seems to have safely skipped it?


also is song and silence's "Add new bardic store and thief items" compatible with this component both bg 1 ee? both seem to edit black lily's inventory, for exmaple. i am not sure if in bg modding items are added to inventory or the inventory replaced by each mod.


also does rogue rebalancing's "upgradeable items" component  work with either "long list" or "rummaging" dialogue install option of "item upgrade modpack"?

Item Upgrade Mod Pack (pocket-plane-group.github.io)

----"As of v33, Cromwell and Cespenar dialogues no longer replace critical states, making it much easier for other mods to interact with IU." I know this tells something, but i am not sure how it applies to to the situation where rogue rebalancing's "upgradeable items" and "item upgrade modpack" are both installed.




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