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Issues with NPC customization in 35.16

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New installation, attached is a zip with the debug and the weidu.log.

Started a new game in SoA. Changed Imoen to be a multi Mage + Thief (have the tweaks anthology component to allow humans to multi) and the thief levelling part was completely borked -- as in, at level 1 could not choose the initial skill points, etc. In subsequent levels, the wonkiness continued and still no skill point choice. The character screen just said Thief class enabled. What did work was changing the class to Thief + Mage, leave BG, fire up NI and load the save game and do two changes to Imoen: clear the Thief original bit flag and choose the Kit as Mage Generalist. I was then able to level her up normally, although at level 1 there was still some jank in choosing skill points (jank as in unresponsive UI). Kinda worked, because she has no spells in her spellbook. I may be misremembering, but previous versions gave a (predetermined) choice of spells, didn't they? No matter, console-d me 5-6 basic scrolls.

Then for Minsc chose Cleric + Ranger. Worked, but he lost his unique Berserk ability. Jaheira no changes and also worked. Kinda; my main is a Paladin and I have installed a paladin revision that allows him to cast spells earlier -- similar to iwdification. But I was not given the chance to chose those spells at character creation so he appeared spell-naked. So *all* my characters have empty spellbooks. No problem, right? So I am a goody two-shoes, like all self-respecting adventurers, and choose to press the button, and out comes an Ogre Mage with Minor Globe, MI, Shield and Stoneskin. How am I gonna punch him? Still have my innate Paladin abilities, so Smite Evil him twice and... almost knock him down to dead... and he panics and leaves off screen. In come pouring two groups of duergars and this is rapidly turning to crap, the squishies being pelted with bolts and the front line not killing them fast enough. I somehow survive... for the Djinni to appear and tell me that I *cannot* face the consequences of my actions... Moi? expletive deleted. To make the Djinni's words be true: backtrack, leave BG, give myself the spells in NI as if I had rested. This little story to suggest that maybe having a way to refresh spellbooks after levelling would be a nice addition.


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OK, so I can reproduce these (all fixed locally, will be in 35.17)

  • thieves not getting all their skill points at level 1
  • Imoen's spellbook being empty
  • Minsc losing his Berserk innate

I can't reproduce problems with thief skills above level 1; it's possible it was fixed in passing by one of the other fixes.

As for your paladin, I'm not sure SCS did that. Do you have something that causes you to start the game at first level?


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1 hour ago, DavidW said:

As for your paladin, I'm not sure SCS did that. Do you have something that causes you to start the game at first level?

Just tested in bg2 ee with only UI mods and did not get the chance to choose the spells at character creation either, so this is either hard coded or the UI mods are to blame. At any rate, not SCS problem.

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