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[BG1EE] [Beta 11] Dual-classed specialist mages are losing the extra spell slot after death

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Imoen (Illusionist / Thief) lost her extra spell slot after being killed (I'm referring to the spell slot that you gain for being a specialist). For test sake, I dualed Khalid to Abjurer, and the same happened to him (after being killed). This doesn't happen with characters that start the game already as specialists (i.e., Quayle, Edwin).


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So ... pretty much everything about specialists is annoyingly hardcoded. You get a bonus spell slot per level if (a) you're a mage or sorcerer, (b) your kit isn't "base class"/"generalist", and (c) your mage class is taken from the beginning of the game, either as a single class, a traditional multiclass, or a mage -> X dual. X -> mage dual classes don't get the bonus spell slot, because the kit is assumed to belong to the non-mage first class.

That means that if you want to make dual-classing into a specialist work properly, you need to grant the bonus spell slots as effects specifically for those sorts of duals. And there are two different "permanent" timing modes, which work slightly differently. This seems like a rather straightforward instance of using the wrong "permanent" timing mode when building those effects.

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