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Small issues on Beta 11

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Thanks for the really interesting mod. I've identified what looks like a bug and something that may be a bug or might just be confusing in the UI.

Playing BG2EE installed cleanly from the Beamdog launcher, with only ToF installed, beta 11 downloade today. Installed almost all components as I wanted to see what the changes did in practice. I've attached my weidu log in case it is useful

First, item I'm sure is a bug: started a new game, recruited Minsc in Irenicus' dungeon. Used the respec feature to change him to a Barbarian Wizard Slayer. Now he doesn't seem to be able to wear any armour - certainly none of the armours in the starting chest, which he should be able to.

Second item - when creating a Kensai/Force Mage, the spell selection screen takes me through up to 4th level spells, for both spell choices and memorization

At default BG2 starting levels, a multiclass mage doesn't get 4th level spells. Also, at third level, there were 3 force spells pre-selected: Protection from Normal Missiles, Ghost Armor, and Lance of DIsruption selected. I deselected PfNM to pick Skull Trap, but it then tells me "Select at least one alteration spell to proceed" - selecting pfNM or Hold Person allowed me to proceed. The error message is definitely misleading, and i assumed i only neede to pick one force spell to continue?


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