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Getting error windows starting game

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want to say thanks to this community I got far based on all the stuff you've posted so thank you so much.

so I installed bgee eet yesterday and when i start it using the infinityloader.exe I get 2 windows that popup before the game starts, I'm just wondering if im going have problems later down the line.



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One of your mods is using non-standard Lua syntax. The game normally tolerates this, but EEex's "Experimental - Use LuaJIT" component causes the engine to be a bit more picky.

You can manually disable the LuaJIT component by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to your game's base folder (where Baldur.exe / InfinityLoader.exe is)
  2. Open InfinityLoader.ini, and change LuaPatchMode=REPLACE_INTERNAL_WITH_EXTERNAL to LuaPatchMode=INTERNAL
  3. Copy EEex/loader/Lua52/LuaProvider.dll to your game's base folder, overwriting when prompted
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