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IWDEE-Report of prices I'm seeing at the Temple in Kuldahar

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First thanks to all Modders involved with this project.

I'm in my first playthrough of IWDEE. I played the original version with expansions over some 20 years ago. I have all of Weasel's IWD area/quest mods installed, as well as his Findit item mod. The one other mod I am also playing with is the IWD NPC Project mod. The current reputation of my party is 16.

In the Temple in Kuldahar, I am seeing the cost to have the priest Raise Dead is 3700. The cost for a Resurrection by the priest is 5550.
One can purchase a scroll of Raise Dead there for 485. One can purchase a scroll of Resurrection for 14550.

I inquired with Weasal/Lava and was told the Weasel Area mods do not change any prices of items in Kuldhar, though a Restoration scroll was made available for purchase at the Temple there.   
You probably know already where I am going with this.  It seems logical to me that healing etc. by a priest at a Temple, should cost less than buying a scroll for the same type of healing from the same Temple. As noted, currently buying a scroll for Raise Dead is only about 15% of the cost of having the priest perform it. I'm almost wondering if this is a typo in the EE version? 

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Temple services like Raise Dead or Resurrection are level-dependent while scrolls are not. The higher your level the higher the price of the service. The base prices for these services are actually quite cheap. A level 1 character can be raised for 100 gold and resurrected for 150 gold.

Edit: It looks like prices for Raise Dead and Resurrection are capped at 10,000 and 15,000 gold respectively, so they won't rise indefinitely.

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That makes sense, and likely that's the answer to the cost of Priest services. However, it seems then that the price for the Resurrection scroll I'm seeing in game is excessive. Certainly not a game breaking issue. 

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This is consistent with the original, yes. Raise Dead and Resurrection are functionally different--Raise doesn't work on elves, for example, and only revives with 1 HP whereas Resurrection works for everyone and includes full HP restoration.

The Raise Dead scrolls are definitely the better value, but also require that you have a party member who can use them.

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Specifically, those prices are controlled by the "raisdead.2da" table. The cost of Raise Dead is the value in the table for that character's level, and Resurrection is 50% more. The IWD version of the table has prices grow approximately as level squared, until it hits a cap at level 15 and 10K. The 3700/5550 prices you're seeing ... that's level 9.

The equivalent table for the BG series has substantially different numbers, and makes the service generally cheaper; it only costs 800 to raise a level 9 character in BG2/BGEE/BG2EE.

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