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Big Poppa candlekeep area art, can it be used for community mods?

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" http://www.shsforums.net/topic/29995-candlekeep-remake/ what happened to this mod? Any area assets around for the community to use?

http://www.shsforums.net/topic/29995-candlekeep-remake/page-14 People are sad it went poof. What is the community policy of using some assets (like the animated windmill) if we cant get communication to Big Poppa the author?


I can see why people are sad that these are not completed I don't know what the policy is of the community or the exactly legality but I wonder if it's possible to get in contact with big papa and ask if these can be used as assets or if there are 3D models or something still around and if there's no contact I wonder if it's in good taste to use some of this stuff in new areas not like copy and paste exactly but like say take the windmill and like put it in a tasteful area that's like high quality looking you know so it's like these things get enjoyed by the community but I just don't know what the policy is this seems like a big gray area I don't know where big papa went I hope they're doing okay people seem quite sad that this is not around anymore so I just wonder what the community thinks. Are these like individual assets able to be put into a mod is that like okay or what how do people feel I just really don't need to make any more problems in this community so I should ask and see what's going on I hope it's okay but I got to like double check and you know do proper Community Goodwill and all that stuff it'd be cool if it could be used again but you know depends on how it is or like how this usually goes I guess

There is a happy little water mill too. " from g3 discord recommended to make this a forum topic.

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Name's Big Poppa.

My take on this, and remember that I am no longer an admin at SHS. If someone with the blessing of SHS admins and after trying to reach Big Poppa wants to take on the Candlekeep Remake mod - if SHS team agrees, that coud happen.

Just using the assets because they are cool - no.

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