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Odd problem with Samantha/Jamie dialog with large-ish EET install

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I decided to polish up my EET install and go for another trilogy run, so I've spent the last few *weeks* going over my mod order. I solved most of my early issues, such as Valerie/Isra's dialog breaking and Minsc/Edwin switching to their BG2 dialog in BG1. However, I ran into a rather curious issue in Nashkel where after Jamie comes out and threatens the party, the dialog breaks. Both characters stand there and won't respond at all - ie, Samantha never says her next line.

In itself, this is a fairly minor issue, but it makes me wonder what else might be broken down the line, and I want to do a Candlekeep to ToB run. I'd appreciate it if someone with more experience could look at my logs and see if I still have any order problems or conflicts.


WeiDU-BGEE.log WeiDU.log

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After a bit of investigation, it only happens when Isra is in the party. Removing her prior to the encounter in the Nashkel manor allows it to play out correctly. Still odd, as I'm positive I've had her in the party in previous builds during that scene.

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I believe I have solved this myself. I moved Valerie and Isra BG1 to the head of the list, prior to RE and BG1NPC. So far, so good. I will withhold judgement until the party gets to the Fire Leaf forest, as there was another broken encounter there, but all the other broken dialog is working.

WeiDU.log WeiDU-BGEE.log

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