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If I install mods from this website, do existing saved games fail to function?

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It's always adviced to start a new campaign after you have installed mods. The saves won't fail to function.. but there are cases where resuming the campaign will have errors so large that it's better to restart(the campaign).
Now, then if you at any stage want to resume the campaign before the mods were installed, all you need to do is to keep them locally safe, and you can continue them at any time after you remove the mods you have installed. So for example a USB stick is a good place to store them, so you won't mix them by mistake. And today, nearly evbery USB stick you can buy is large enough to keep a back up of the game files too so you can just use that instead of reinstall, that you need to manage(aka uninstall the game, remove the game folder from the mod content, and install the game back).

Also; Why do you ask ?

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Most mods are incompatible with existing saves.

Basically, mods work by overriding the game's resources with new versions. And when you load from a save, the resources the game uses are a patchwork of some things referenced during gameplay and others stored in the save. Which means that if you install a mod, it's a patchwork of pre-mod and post-mod resources. That has a very good chance of breaking something.

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